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On Evolution

I believe I have come up with the newest, most terrifying top predator to evolve: The Cougardillo.

This armor-plated cat hunts by stalking its prey from the tops of mountains, waiting for it to walk by below. Once it spots its target, the  Cougardillo rolls itself into a ball and launches itself down the hillside until its close enough to its prey. It then springs open and pounces like a normal big cat, bringing the battle to a swift end.

The Cougardillo will evolve in response to the evolution of fainting porcugoat, a goat that upon being surprised, drops to play dead- and shoots deadly quills from its belly.

Any artists out there, I am looking for someone to do a rendition of these scientific marvels for submission to Nature. You will recieve half of the royalties in compensation.

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